Between The Static -- The Best and the Worst of the Super Bowl Ads

The SuperBowl is over and the winner is? Pittsburgh? No... ABC who had 141 million viewers checking in on the game and the ads that they charged 2.5 million per 30 seconds! Here we break down what was the best and the worst ads. Our favorite ad, was the "I'm going to Disney World" ad. You can see that here. The rest of the ads can be seen at

Cutest Ad

Hey I'm a softee what do you want from me. But this ad with the little clysdale pulling the cart, and the older clysdales helping out. What do you want. It warmed the cockles of this old heart.

Best Series of Ads

Budweiser truly had the best series of ads. The lamb streaker and the hidden Bud Lights were great. Of course the Clysdales and the Wave ad was neat. But it's the Magic Fridge that has the kids talking today.

Biggest Let Down

The ad. Of course, I had already seen the ads that they had tried to put on the air. But the final cut that made it past ABC sensors, well... stunk. And really in the end... Candice Michelle (Nikki Capelli) is just not that hot. Big boobs, great. Okay, okay... She is hot. What the hell am I saying. Just she could have been hotter in this ad.

Worst Series of Ads

The worst series of ads had to be the Diet Pepsi ads with Jay Mohr, Puff Daddy, Jackie Chan. Just plan horrible. Not funny... not funny at all. Couldn't you had Jay Mohr doing his Christopher Walken impression? Or perhaps his Andrew McCarthy? Something?

Babe of the Week Nominee

You were thinking I was going to say Candice Michelle? Nope. I'm not a big fan of hers. Even though I get TONS of hits from her. Jessica Simpson. Oh believe me, I'm a huge fan of hers, but that Pizza Hut skit just jumped the shark for me. It wasn't sexy. Not one bit. The Touch Football chick runs a close second, and in third would be the cute but goofy MGD Checkout girl. She reminds me of the blonde chick from Saving Silverman. Her name: Amanda Detmer. But the winner is the nerd chick from the Taco Bell ad. Something about a blonde in glasses that just gets me.

Worst Keira Knightley Lookalike

In an effort to steal thunder perhaps from Pirates of the Caribeean or Keira Knightley from taking the reins as hottest ingenue in Hollywood, Natalie Portman has decided to shave her head for "V is For Vendetta" a movie that looks similar to a sequel to 1984.

Funniest Returning Series

The chimps ads for Love them.

Funniest Series for a firm that was fined hundreds of millions of dollars

The two ads, the one with the fly being killed and the airplane turbulence ads were very funny. Of course, if I had been screwed out of money by them. I might not find it so funny. They were fined $325 Million for underreporting monthly payments to borrowers.



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