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What's Going On? -- <br>Proof of Concept Podcast #154

What's Going On? -- Proof of Concept Podcast #154

HammRadio Today: 10/9/2007 -- <br>Trading Ryan Howard???

HammRadio Today: 10/9/2007 -- Trading Ryan Howard???

HammRadio Today: 8/10/2007 -- <br>Congress Can Hire Mercenaries

HammRadio Today: 8/10/2007 -- Congress Can Hire Mercenaries

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Proof of Concept #154

Proof of Concept #154

Proof of Concept Podcast A super mega podcast, over 90 minutes long! We review Doc Halladay's No-Hitter. Preview Roy Oswalt against the Reds in Game 2. Talk about Eagles-McNabb-Vick-Kolb. Nothing good ever happens on 13th Street and more.


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