Revenge of the Tivo -- Trailer squashed!

Working late tonight, I was in no rush to head home for the latest Star Wars trailer to be shown on The O.C. I had complete confidence that my season pass to the Fox show would work it's magic. It has been since December since I had any run ins with Tivo and the Season Pass manager getting corrupt. So The O.C. and I were going to have a date when I came home.

Instinct told me not to rush to Tivo. In fact before heading upstairs to watch the show, I jumped on-line to see if the trailer had already been posted. It had not, as they didn't want to ruin it for West Coast Star Wars fans. Off to my bedroom I went excited by the prospects of the latest trailer and perhaps a lesbian kiss or two.

The episode was typical O.C. fare, a bridge episode to set up a new arc of storylines. Will Marissa and Ryan get back togteher? Will Seth and Summer survive? Will Zack disappear and play Captain Marvel? Newer plots surrounding Julie Cooper-Nickel and Porn. Speaking of Porno eyes, will Julie and Alex get together? Sandy and Caleb bonding at the arcade. And a new man in Kirsten's life? Will Billy Campbell ruin another marriage? Should make for a heck of final few episodes.

But we were teased and titilated enough with the breathy voice of Vader, I needed to see the trailer! Then it came. The Seth intro. Uh oh... he screwed up. They went to a second take.

Um, how much time is left? Hit pause. Minute 58 out of 60. Seconds left?... how many seconds? How long is this trailer? Will it be more than 90 seconds? How much time do I have left... 11 seconds of Green Screen, plus the 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm billboards. Oh the precious little time i have left... A minute fifteen has gone by and the situation is most tense. Chancellor Palpatine has just quoted Cornholio and I'm pumped. Is there enough time??? Tension mounts... Chewbacca... The CloneTrooopers have become StormTroopers... 3Po... Padme... 1 minute 57 seconds.

Do you want to DELETE this episode or Save for Later?


Fortunately, by this time, the clocks have chimed midnight, 9pm on the west coast, and I could watch the rest of the trailer on-line. I mean I only needed another 30 seconds. I click on the Larger trailer. Bad move. I hit play. I re-watch everything I have just seen. The play icon moves right... A little bit faster than the gray download progress bar. NOT GOOD. I watch the clock... I watch the icon... the progress bar. This won't be good. PAUSE. This time, one minute 10 seconds. PATIENCE young Jedi.

Finally, I see the rest of the trailer... Yoda and Darth sidious battle it out in the Senate Chambers. Why does the Dark Side of the Force make your teeth bad? And aw man... Anakin verus Obi Wan #1. LOOKS AWESOME!!! May 19 can't come soon enough...

Um... wait a minute... Saga Complete? (more on that later)...



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