Eagles Announce Alternate Red Uniforms

Philadelphia, PA (hammradio.com) -- Today, owner Jeffery Lurie alongside his wife Christine Lurie announced that for the 2005 season, the Philadelphia Eagles will wear Red jerseys on Prime Time television games and throughout the playoffs. "Red is the color of a winner. The Patriots have red in their uniforms. The Red Sox wear red and finally won a World Series. Heck, even Boston's Baked Beans are red. The Eagles will now be the Red Standard and bring a championship to Beantown, I mean the City of Brotherly Love."

Mrs. Lurie who enlisted fashion designer Vera Wang to create cheerleader uniforms said she helped inspire her husbands decision. "I came to bed one evening wearing a my own personal Vera Wang creation, a red negligee. And Jeffery said, 'That's it! That's my Super Bowl!'"

However, Team President Joe Banner says that the new uniforms had been in the works for quite a while, and that he chose red because the color fit within the teams uniform budget. "Black (previous alternative color) is a very expensive color to produce on a uniform, we really felt the only way to move forward and still be able to clothe our Linebackers and Secondary Coaches was to go Red."

Initial fan reaction has been mixed at best. "Red, Green, Blue, Black, Teal, Orange, I don't care. I want a Super Bowl. Is T.O. Coming back, that's what I want to know? Why are we wasting time on uniform colors?" said a burly Eagles fan who gave his name as Koz.

Another fan who had just purchased the new red jersey, "I love it. I have all kinds of jerseys, Retro Steve Van Buren, Black Trotter, White Freddie Mitchell. And now a Red Brian Westbrook jersey. He signed right? He's coming back right? Do I have to get a Buckhalter jersey?"

Banner when pressed about fan reaction had this to say:

I'm not sure you can win even if you win. We had a discussion the other day, asking if we won the Super Bowl, how many days do we get before the criticism starts.

Coach Andy Reid, who is known around town as Big Red, said "I'm going to have to a find a way to get these jerseys better plays. We'll have to look at the tape and see how it goes."

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  • Wearing Red? Hasn't worked for the Phillies.
    Scientists calculate that Wearing red uniforms makes you more likely to win titles. It seems unlikely that uniform color means anything more than popularity. The more teams wearing red, the more likely that a team wearing red will win a championship. When you look at the teams with the most championships in the NBA (Celtics/Lakers), and MLB (Yankees), red is really a factor is it? The Canadians help the number in hockey. And certainly the 49ers sorta wear red. But how do you explain the Steelers or the Cowboys. And the worst team in professional sports, my beloved Phillies have had red somewhere in their colors nearly their entire existence. Explain that?



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