New Star Trek Trailers Arrive

Okay, so all you nerds and fanboys have been given your Watchmen movie. But Trekkies and Trekkers have been left out in the cold. Waiting and waiting for JJ Abrams not quite re-imagination of a Star Trek pre-quel. I'm sure the nitpickers will be out in force as soon as the movie shows up.

You can join the Nitpickers Guild yourself by picking up these guides to the many television series.

Until then check out the latest trailer for the new film. As each trailer shows up we get more action and we see more of the stuff we absolutely LOVE. The attention to detail is fantastic. Even if the actual bridge isn't quite the same. We can handle that right? I mean the enterprise bridge was retrofitted a couple of times during the movies.

Visit StarTrekMovie.comThe trailer was downloaded from 1.8 Million times. That's almost as much as those who download Adam Carolla's podcast! And about 1.8 million times more than those who download the Proof of Concept. I'll just have to deal. After you've seen the official trailer check out the mash-up trailer. We were treated to some great batman trailers with mash ups from the 60s series and the original Batman 1989 film when the Dark Knight came out. Now see classic Trek clips with the Abrams flick's voice over. FUN. [Thanks /Film]



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