Netflix Uses $99 Set Top Box to Stream to Your TV

I don't need another gadget. At least I don't think I need another gadget. But I might need this one. The Netflix Player by Roku. Netflix will now begin streaming directly to your television all the movies that it currently allows you to stream. Which is just a percentage (about 10%) of the movies that you can currently get via DVD. One of the movies I have just watched streaming was "Cougar Club." That should give you an idea what is available.

Netflix, Inc.

All you have to be is a member of Netflix to begin streaming. You can stream and GET DVDs!!! Basically, if you are ALREADY a netflix subscriber, you get this service free. [ad: Netflix - Only $4.99 a month! No Late Fees. Try it for Free!] You just have to pay the $99 for the box. NetFlix has answered some of the important questions regarding this service. Right now, they don't offer HD content.

I have Tivo which connects to Amazon Unbox Video Downloads I have Comcast Digital with OnDemand. I have a Slingbox. I have an iTunes account (but not Apple TV.) I have a Netflix subscription. I might need this.

Apple iTunes

Updated: New York Magazine makes an interesting point about adding another gadget to your TV. With another remote. Fortunately, my Logitech Harmony 880 will be programmed to handle this new device. I have had to buy this AV Switcher to handle all of the gadgets hooked into my TV.



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