Dork Check: Babes of the week! 08/12/2004 - 08/19/2004
  1. Milla Jovovich (official site) (
    Seventeen years, I first saw Milla on the cover of one of my sister's magazines. Seventeen probably. She was only 12 years old, but I proclaimed my love for her. Hey... I was fourteen at the time! She will be coming out with the sequel to "Resident Evil"... "Open Water". No seriously... "Resident Evil 2". Although, I think the original title "Open Water" would have been better.
  2. Kelly Preston (official site) (
    Followiing in the footsteps of Rachel Hunter who saw a resurgence in the career appearing in the "Stacie's Mom" video. John Travolta's wife was sporting a reddish-brunette look in the latest Maroon 5 video, and blows away the young girl she was competing with. Kelly Preston broke out in such 80s fair as Mischeif, Secret Admirer and Space Camp, despite being seen in bad Kevin Costner films.
  3. Natalie Portman (un-official site) (
    We're repeating Ms. Portman here in honor of the dirth of commercials for Garden State hitting the air waves.
  4. Rachel Perry (official site) (
    Host of Vh-1 Top 20 Countdown. And my future wife. Check her out here from Stuff. and here from Maxim. She makes her second appearance on our list!
  5. Portia di Rossi (official site) (
    The Arrested Development pilot was on this week. This was an amazing week for the ladies, and if this wasn't a rerun, she would have hit hire on the list. How gorgeous is she? She will be a regular on this list.
  6. Emma Caulfield (official site) (
    My new obsession is Monk. Okay, I'm about a year too late, but this show is really good. Catching the Monk marathon, we see Emma Caulfield from Buffy the Vampire Slayer shows up to kill her husband. Monk solves the case of course. But not before we see Emma looking great in her mourning wear.
  7. Natalie Coughlin (official site) (
    After her appearance in the first ever Dork Check Top 10 babe list, Natalie takes the gold in the 100m Backstroke. She picked up the bronze in the 100m Freestyle. She added another gold in the 4X200M Freestyle Relay and Silver in the 4X100M Freestyle Relay. She will try for a 5th medal on Saturday in the 400 medley relay. This girl is going to be the next big star out of this Olympics. I guarantee.
  8. Jennifer (stem cell research girl from Howard Stern) (official site) (
    The girlfriend of a guy who beat cancer with Stem Cell research was on the E show this week. The girl is another one of those regular girls that show up to the show that just blow people away! Check out this pic.
  9. Jennie Finch (official site) (
    Jennie has lit up the web with her looks. But she can pitch to! Some say she may even CATCH! Follow Jennie and her Softball team on the race to the Gold!
  10. Nikki Nova (official site) (
    Cruising Late Night for soft core porn, I turned up "Busty Cops" which is god awful. But Nikki Nova, showed off some nice assets both in the movie and on Howard Stern to promote the movie. Warning her official site may contain nudity!! MAY nothing.



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