Dork Check: Babes of the week!  08/05/2004 - 08/11/2004

Every Thursday, we will give you a list of our favorite babes, women, chicks, hotties and journalists in the world of TV, Radio, Film, News, Tivo, Music, DVD, and soft core porn. We probably won't have any pics but we very well may point you into the direction of some fine tasteful pics. And now lets get this shizznit started!

  1. Natalie Portman (official site) (
    Wow. That's all I can say. On the Daily Show to promote the indie flick "Garden State" (which will get some undue promotion with the Governor McGreevy resignation). She absolutely looked fabulous. Awesome. Stunning. I don't know how to describe it. Awesome. Here's the video of her appearance.
  2. Erinn Bartlett (official site) (
    You might not know who she is, but she is very hot. She has been in the "In Crowd", "Shallow Hal" and "Buying the Cow". But she had a break out role in "100 Women" aka "Girl Fever". This movie is made by the same guy who did "100 Girls" which is basically about a guy who bemoans dealing with woman, searches for a secret woman who he is in love, then falls in love with the idea of being with her and then falls in love with his true love. Okay... it's really annoying. But as the titles suggest, their a ton of hot chicks. And Erinn looks great. Check out these shots from SexyDesktops. Interesting Note: She was a semi-finalist in the 1991 Miss Teen USA pageant.
  3. Maureen Dowd (official site) (
    Dowd is an editor at the NYTimes. She has a new book about George Bush called Bushworld which delves into the Freudian/Lucasian relationship between Bush 1 and Bush 2. She's an older woman but after seeing her twice this week (Meet the Press and The Daily Show) completely intrigued me.
  4. Erica (Gymnast) as seen on Howard Stern Show (official site) (
    Erica the Gymast is a famous guest from the Howard Stern show (circa 2000). Cute and perky with a fantastic body. She wanted breast implants, and she got them. Of course she had to walk around New York with Tampons on her face. Oh well. Her episode was re-aired on E! this week, so we felt compelled to put her on our list. Check out her before and afters at (warning! Nudity)
  5. Pam Anderson (offical site) (
    Pam was on the Howard Stern show (on E!) this week, wearing a green nightie and was hooked up to a lie detector. She's there to promote her book Star. Are these stories true or NOT??? Pam has always been my favorite. While I'm not the biggest fan of the Barbie Twin version of Pam, but I still have fond memories of her original pre-double D op Playboy spread and a lifesize poster that I had on my bedroom door. I miss that poster.
  6. Patricia Velasquez (official site) (
    Mart a #2 on "Arrested Development", and guest stars on "Rescue Me" as a psycho ex-girlfriend.
  7. Alanis Morrissette (official site) (
    Looking better than ever. Saw her at the Mann Music Center this week with the Barenaked Ladies. She was not naked, but the short hair cut and the White tank tops did please this guy's eye. Check out her great new video "Eight Easy Steps" which is like a career retrospective. Check out the chick Dave Coulier screwed OVER!
  8. Rachel Perry (official site) (
    Host of Vh-1 Top 20 Countdown. And my future wife. Check her out here from Stuff. and here from Maxim
  9. Natalie Coughlin (offiical site) (
    You may have seen her in movie theaters featured in a commercial for Chevrolet starring Olympic Atheletes. This girl has a girl-next-door look and I believe has a future in hollywood. Check out this site where you could follow her training regimen. Also don't forget to check her out this week at the Olympics.
  10. Bridget the Midget (official site) (
    She's a porn star, a rock star, and Check out these shots of Bridget doing her best Gwen Stefani impression.



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