HammRadio Today: 1/8/2008 -- <br>Junk Journalism: Tasting Hillary's Tears and other rants
Mike Cunningham

Junk Journalism. I can't stand it. Junk Journalism, is like junk comedy. Like making a joke after watching an actual chicken cross a street. It requires zero thought, little intelligence, that you might as well be one of those monkeys laughing at its own steaming pile of feces. That's what you get today, especially, when you see that certain folks biases are already built into their column, that you can't get any real truth out of it. Kinda like watching Fox News.

Or watching the coverage of Hillary Clinton crying. Really? Really. This is a problem? A brief show of emotion, and this is a problem. As far as I was concerned, she was very strong. She didn't break down in tears like Ellen Degeneres. She showed her emotion and held it together. That's not crocodile tears. That was a strong emotional woman showing her true colors. Probably a self, that we should have seen long ago. But to attack her for that is junk journalism. It's no different than asking Hillary Duff or Amanda Bynes what they think of Britney on the Red Carpet. It's ridiculous.

Junk Journalism also comes from the old Newspaper trick of writing point counter point columns. This works when it's in one newspaper, but often you will see folks like Dan Lebatard, take the "Devil's Advocate" road, because everyone else is writing the other way. Often these pieces turnout flat. Sometimes, you will see this when these pieces are tinted behind race, my red flag goes WAY up. It could be the white journalist, who claims the media's coverage isn't racist, when it is, or when an black journalist writes that media coverage is racist, when it isn't.

Sometimes, you don't see the context of the racism, until it hits you like a pillow to the face.

An editorial piece by Fatimah Ali today assails Hillary Clinton, rehashing old Newt Gingrich/Rush Limbaugh-era lies about Hillary Clinton. For that alone, this piece of shit, is barely worth reading. There is some worth, while Ali slams both Clintons, her husband too, while she promotes Barack Obama, seemingly out of now where. Why bring up Obama? We werent' talking about him, oh, yeah I get it, now. There's the pillow shot to the face. The veiled sexism and racism is evident, and really is unnecessary, but if you choose to limit your political choices based on the color of skin, I can't help you or Oprah.

Okay, maybe that's unfair. But then again so was Ali's piece. I should mention that I like Barack Obama, if he's the eventual Democratic nominee, I will vote for him. An on-line survey I took the other day said my politics were most like his. And I can't begrudge any African American for being extremely excited about a truly viable candidate of color. However, like the folks who vote for only one issue, be it guns, abortion, free speech, environment, it rings hollow. But that's your right. I'll defend that to the grave. I just don't have to like it.

If this wasn't the only piece of trash written today, I'd be okay, but no, Jemele Hill who has chosen to vanquish Roger Clemens, in what she feels has been the unfair treatment to Barry Bonds -- [Case in Point #1] [Case in Point #2] Which both go against her original opinion, which was asking God to kill Barry Bonds so he doesn't break the record of the more dignified Henry Aaron. In jest or not, Hill has continued to put out tripe that is not worthy of the Sports Leader.

There is a need for African American voices in the media, more now, than ever. But Hill and Ali both fall short of the mark. Especially when a white female anchor on the Golf Channel, mentions lynching and Tiger Woods in the same sentence. How does this keep happening, by the way? Maybe you need to have more African American and other minorities in the studio, in the newsroom, to be part of your every day life, so you can at least understand, why saying something THAT stupid is wrong and hurtful.

I just hope we get better voices than Ali and Hill.

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