Thank God For Tivo -- <br>Heroes, 24, Pussycat Dolls

Heroes Still the Best Show on TV?

Mouth agape. That's how I left last week's Heroes. And mouth agape is how I finished watched Heroes this week.

Jack Bauer Backlash?

It's amazing how someone who watches television... seems like they have never watched television. I'm enjoying this season. This just seems to be the typical backlash, from critics who have run out of things to say. "Well, I have no more positives, this is a great show. It's in it's 6th season so it must be bad."

Pussycat Dolls Vomit And Dance

I did get stuck watching the Pussycat Dolls last night. I'm a sucker for hot chicks dancing and yelling at each other. But is it the horrible music, worse singers and dancers that killed the buzz for me? No it was the multiple shots of vomiting. (No this isn't a Top Model like eating disorder. A stomach virus ran rampant throughout the cast.) Some people might enjoy hot chicks vomitting, I'm sure there are entire web-sites dedicated to it. But it's not for me.



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Thank God For Tivo -- <br>Heroes... Best Episode Ever

Thank God For Tivo -- <br>Heroes... Best Episode Ever