Thank God For Tivo -- <br>Heroes... Best Episode Ever

Sometimes reading message boards annoy me. On the Pop Candy Message board, almost everyone seems to be on the same side. However, this week one message boarder claims that Heroes is a one dimensional show. That kind of annoyed me. So here was my response:

First... Noonan... not entirely sure what "one dimensional" show you've been watching? Studio 60 was canceled.

I go on to further post how great last night's Heroes ("Company Man", Season 1, Episode 17) was:

The reason that last night's show was wonderful, (I hate going out on a limb like this, but it might have been one of the best hours in episodic television history. It was that good.) was the multi-dimensions that are built into the primary story arcs.

Who is HRG? Who does he work for? What are his motives? What is his relationship with the Cheerleader? Is he a good dad?

Where do these powers come from? Are they genetic mutations, merely the next step in evolution, or MANUFACTURED?

Who are involved in the conspiracy? Does the government know?

How many people are being hidden? Who did Claude hide?

Do the "heroes" have the same abilities? Can they have more than one? Is Peter the only empath?

How do you handle this new power? Do you use it for personal gain like Eden? Do you embrace it like Hiro? Do you struggle with being a husband and a future father and deal with this issue? Do you blame yourself that you used your power to save yourself but not your wife? Or is your power responsible for killing your wife.

And then after backing up your points, you go for the final nail in the burn:

Noonan, I know you said, that Full House was one dimensional, you are probably right. But perhaps you were more moved by the complexities of Perfect Strangers.



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