Last Minute Philadelphia Shopping Guide

So there are just a couple of shopping days left until Christmas, Hanakkuh, or the Great American Retail Shopping Holiday which the Heathens call Xmas. So the folks at (Okay, that's really just me) has come up with this handy list for you last minute shoppers (and those who don't mind paying exorbitant last minute shipping charges!)

Here are our suggestion for a fine Philadelphia Shopping Experience. Of course, you could always buy merchandise while you are listening to the latest Proof of Concept Podcast. But you already knew that right?

  • Buy Starr Restaurant Gift Cards -- Continental, Jones, Pod, Washington Square and more
    You can't go wrong with a little Mac and Cheese from Jones or those great Philly Cheese Steak Rolls from The Continental. Wash it down with some Bug Juice or a Buzz Aldrin.
  • Philadelphia Parking Authority Smart Card
    Having a Smart Card in my wallet has been incredibly valuable. No more reaching under your seat looking for change. Just stick the card in the slot, and watch the quarters roll off the debit card. Watch people walk by you, jealous of your alternative to the 25 cent piece.
  • National Consitution Center
    Give a Membership to the family member who loves history. Membership includes free admission to the museum and a pocket constitution that you can carry with you. And Anytime someone wants to infringe on your civil rights you can pull out your Bill of Rights!
  • For that Philadelphian who could use a real taste of Philadelphia, Send them a Taste of Philadelphia gift pack.
    Or Send them just a tin of Tastykakes.
  • For the Art Lover, Rodin the Thinker replica
    The web-site recommends 2 day shipping until noon on Wednesday 12/21/2005 and then choose next day shipping.
  • Always get a Hess Truck under your tree? How about a SEPTA PCC Trolley
    If you can't wait for it on-line, you can go to the Septa Transit Store and buy some interesting Gifts. SEPTA Transit Store
    1234 Market Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
    Phone: 215-580-7168
  • Looking for the Eagles Encyclopedia.?
    Unfortunately, it's sold out EVERYWHERE... But MAYBE, just maybe you might be able to pick it up when Ray Didinger signs the book at the Barnes and Noble in Marlton on Wednesday. If not why don't you pick up the Phillies Encyclopedia. Or if you love the Big 5, check out this book from the Daily News.



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