How Decent are Clear Channel's Web Sites?

So I decided to check out the web sites for the 6 Clear Channel radio stations that dropped Howard Stern from their lineup. I wanted to check to see if the websites fit the Clear Channel charter of being family friendly. Are they web sites that would make John Hogan upset? To be clear, I don't really find any of the content below offensive at all. But I just find it extremely odd that Clear Channel makes a stand against Stern and doesn't make a concerted effort to control all of their content. Well, let's break it down for you:

City/Date Howard StartedCallLetters/Frequency
Rochester, N.Y.
February 15, 1993
WNVE 95.1 FM & 95.5 FM
On Rochester's station site, you are featured to the following features: Filthy Friday, where registered listeners can win Free DVDs, Babe of the Day (featuring scantily clad and near nude pictures of models), Thong of the Day (featuring well you can guess), and you can find Paparazzi pictures of Britney Spears wearing a cutoff wife beater with no bra and Daisy Dukes. Now you do have to "register" to get to this stuff. Registering however does not require any Age Identification like a Credit Card. Stern is still featured in their On-Air section. Click here to contact the station.
Orlando, FL.
May 16, 1994
WTKS 104.1 FM
On Orlando's station site, you can see a picture of Howard Stern on the front page and a link to Clear Channel's press release on why they have dropped Stern. There isn't a prominent "Adult" section on here. But you can see an advertisement for a contest to win a trip to Hedonism 3. Also if you dive further to the "news thang" section you can see pictures from the "Pussy Cat Lounge", which has pictures of black leather bikini clad women whipping people and licking whipped cream. Click here to contact the station.
Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, FL.
September 21, 1994
WBGG 105.9 FM
As soon as you hit this site you are shown 2 features that may give Hogan fits, "Babe of the Day" and "Thong of the Day". I sense a theme here. Under the Jocks section there is no mention of Howard Stern at all. Deep down in the Photos section, you can see a feature on "Beer, Babes, and Bands too". Here you can see pictures of "Dunk a Drunk Chick" featuring a woman with a wife beater and a thong. You can also see a women whose top was taken off with her Janet Jackson Nipple Ring's blacked out. Click here to contact the station.
San Diego, CA.
February 13, 1995 (XTRA-FM) May 1, 1997 (KIOZ-FM)
KIOZ 105.3 FM
Immediately on the splash page, you see 4 scantily clad women with beads and bikinis. They have a section called the Red Light District where they are featuring a contest for a Pregnant Bikini Contest, Stripper of the Day, More Thongs, A Section on Who you would DO and Who you would Hump, And Videos of Playboy Playmates from the Clear Channel News Network. Stern is still featured in their On-Air section. Click here to contact the station.
Pittsburgh, PA.
November 7, 1995
WXDX 105.9 FM
Thong of the Day must be a regular Clear Channel feature, because Pittsburgh's station has it too. Stern is still featured in their On-Air section with a note on that the station is trying to get him back. Click here to contact the station.
Louisville, KY.
September 4, 1997
WTFX 100.5 FM
Louisville Also has Thong of the Day, Stripper of the Day, and for the ladies Dick of the Day. Although, I didn't see any genitalia. While Stern is not on their On-Air section, they do have a poll asking whether Stern should return to the air, 78% for, 13% against, and 8% don't care. Click here to contact the station.



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