Lockout Over!!!  Who do we Boo First?

Philadelphia Hockey fans rejoice, your beloved team will be returning to the ice shortly. But who will be wearing the famed Orange and Black when they return? If the rumors are true John Leclair and Tony Amonte will surely be gone. Will J.R. and his mouth return? And what about those great young players from the Phantoms who only lit up the AHL and one the Calder Cup.

Typically, Flyers fans have been called "Stepford" fans by the returning mid-day guy Mike Missanelli, so will they come out of the woodwork? And what have they done over the past 10 months without hockey? Have they taken up new hobbies? Did they learn to love other sports? Have they just sat in front of their TVs with schedule in hand, imagining a season happened like the little boy from St. Elsewhere?

Will the new deal really help the small market teams? Will the Flyers who have ruled the roost as far as Salaries win a cup now? Or will the competition make it more competitive? Has Ed Snider called Joe Banner for capology help? These are questions I need answered!

But don't worry, Ed, I will be back. If only to watch on Television and potentially get a free ticket to a game once this year. I will be back!



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