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Jack didn't Save the Day!

Continuing on their TREMENDOUS fourth season, 24 heats with a heck of a twist. And it actually was a twist. We have DorkCheck Babe of the Week Nominee, Dagmara Dominczyk, who we last saw "screwing" an Air Force Pilot to his death so that Mitch Anderson could steal a Stealth Fighter. For what purpose we could only guess. She was able to FOOL Jack Bauer into believing she was an FBI agent. When she asked for Jack's ID he said he didn't have any... must have left it under Chloe's desk. Then when his back-up provided proper ID... Jack and his CTU counter part doesn't ask for hers. Okay, I guess the badge is enough.

Some other quick thoughts... The CTU workplace is always filled with innuendo, office politics, and suspicion. They need a happy hour at Friday's with potato skins for all. I mean, have you ever seen a work place that was so focused on inconsequential things like who reports to who, who's sleeping with whom, who's mom died and whether or not they should be working. And what other office, would let you bring psychotic kids in the building, or so readily hire spies and fire good workers. Amazing... Now Tony who is trying to rebuild his life now has to deal with Dessler banging some old dude from Division.

Last thought... Which actor has a worse pedigree than the men who have played President on this show? The current one who used to talk to a puppet that was voiced by BobCat Goldwaithe (who is now banging Nikki Cox... I'm not kidding... I repeat... I'm not kidding...) OR the guy who sacrificed chickens so that Jobu would help his bat? I'm going with Dennis Haysbert, because when he hit his game tying homer near the end of Major League, holds his bat as he rounds the bases, which if an appeal play went to first, he would have been called out. I'm glad they catch those things! Always bothered me. One last warning... DON'T look at the Guest Appearances list for 24. It has future episodes on there, and well there are some spoilers on there... Just a note of warning.

The Office on NBC...

It's not the original. I was watching some of the original on BBC America on Saturday. Even though, I have the DVD's sitting on the stand. Why watch the show with commercials rather than putting that episode on, uncut, and not looking like it was copied from an old betamax. I don't know... laziness, I suppose. But then again why would you hire the most famous Chinese filmstar to investigate the Triads.

But the new The Office, has a quality that I'm beginning to enjoy. Steve Carrell is really the star of the show. It's the rest of the cast that I have a real problem with. The Tim/Jim character is well... too good looking. And NOT at all funny. Martin Freeman is fantastic on the original show, and I can't wait to see him become a HUGE star in the Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy. The Receptionist character Pam is MUCH hotter than the chubby blonde from the original but MUCH more of a wet blanket. And I love the fact that her fiancee is played by the deaf guy from the Replacements.

And of course I love the fact that it's office is in Scranton... Since the original show's Slough becomes a butt of a lot of jokes. I'm excited to hear what they have to say about it!... If the show can make it past 6 episodes, I'd love to see where they GO... And hey... My Mom likes it. And that is a difficult test to pass. The Mom test. That's a REAL good sign for the show.

Save Arrested Development!!

In an effort to save the fledgling show, Fox is now PROMOTING the heck out of the show. It's about time. I got an e-mail from FOX, where they are starting their OWN save Arrested Development petition. Wait a minute, the people who want to CANCEL the show NOW want to save it??? I don't get it. Anyway, it really is the best show on television. Unfortuantely it is too SMART. I did get a couple of bonus episodes this week, when Tivo taped two episodes on Friday night. With the CLASSIC "Good Grief" episode, which harkens back to Charlie Brown, with music and everything. If YOU didn't catch the beagle lying on a red dog house... well you aren't paying attention.

Apprentice... MI-5... Deadwood... West Wing...

Well the next to last of the good looking women have been fired, as Stephanie leaves the program. If Trump is to pick a women it will MOST likely be Tana, who's grill couldn't be saved by a Trump Wrecking Ball. (THE FINEST WRECKING BALL IN ALL THE WORLD.) This week's show, proves that while conflict on reality television show is riveting, it is highly irresponsible to have 21 year old Chris flying off the handle each week. He doesn't belong in "Trump's organization" nor anywhere. On the guy's side, Andy disappointed me this week, but is still flying under the radar enough to make Trump think he's a winner. Craig... I don't know what is up with him... but his BOX idea won despite the WORST writing since Jenny Schecter on the L-Word. Brent will mess up at some point... Kendra is HOT and reminds me of WWE Diva Stacy Kiebler, but won't win. And Angie is a head case that won't win either. My pick: Tana.

If you haven't started watching Deadwood, start now. The show is beginning to heat up. And it has the finest language in the history of television. If Shakespeare wrote television, he'd write Deadwood. Each week the Characters develop with such depth, you'd swear that it was in 3-D. And it's so Gritty that I swear I could smell, Swearingen's blood and urine stained skivvies. And the best part about this week... Babe of the Week Nominee Ms. Ingrihausen is a ripe ol' whore. Way to go Ma'am!... Finally, catching up to some MI-5 episodes that I missed a month ago on A&E. Of course, I lost the first couple of episodes of the latest season so I had no idea why or how Tom and Zoe (Another BOTW nominee) left the show. Oh, well it's good stuff ALL the same... South Park this week, wonderfully brillant. Satirizing the Terri Schiavo battle over life and death while Kenny played the New PlayStation Portable to save Heaven from the Soliders from Hell. Absolutely Brilliant.... And as the Sports Guy mentioned last week, The O.C. pulls another STRONG episode as things start to HEAT up on the The O.C. Which Fox HAS renewed for a third season!!!



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