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Clinton and Kerry in Philly

Many people will vote on just one issue. It could be Abortion, Stem Cell research, Taxes, Health Care, or Lyndsay Lohan's breasts. But here at HammRadio we don't promote that kind of single minded voting practice. Usually. HammRadio has one issue we are voting on. Iraq. Here's why we can't vote for George W. Bush:

  • We were told Iraq had caches of WMDs -- They Haven't been found.
  • Okay, so now we are in Iraq, what now? -- Bush had NO plan to WIN the Peace.
  • Mission NOT Accomplished -- More American soldiers have died AFTER Bush declared War Over.
  • War in Iraq just another battle in the War on Terrorism -- Bush invaded a sovereign nation to justify inefficient doctrine. Cleaning up THIS mess will take historians 100 years.
  • It's all about the Oil isn't it? -- Well not just that, a war in Iraq gives Bush-Cheney the ability to give unfettered contracts to their friends like Halliburton. Remember how pissed the GOP used to get that people stayed in the Lincoln bedroom.

You can try and dispute those facts, but you are just going to argue, Saddam is a bad man, he used WMDs on his own people. Yes, yes he did over 10 years ago before Bush 1 invaded Iraq. Let's try again. Saddam tried to set up a meeting with Al Qaeda. The only thing Saddam and Osama have in common is they believe in Allah and they hate America. Other than that, their belief system on Musim-rule and a Muslim-state are quite disparate. While there were many atrocities in Iraq, they were not quite the Taliban.

Iraq is scheduled to hold elections in January, and the US is building it's TROOPS base as we speak. They are getting set to invade Fallujah full on. There is a good potential a very bloody battle will take place soon after the US election, so that there can be some sort of stability in the country so that elections can take place. Fallujah could be the next Tet Offensive.

We need a change. And John Kerry will correct Bush's mistakes and make America Safer again. For a rebuttal please send an e-mail to: letters @ hammradio.com -- Remove the spaces around the @ symbol.



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