Philadelphia Police Station Makes Cameo on SNL

I have a discerning eye. I can pick out stuff in a shot in any film or location, anything really and know exactly where that place is. And everything I just said was a lie. But I must have this talent, because I saw the opening clip in this sketch and said to myself. That shot was from Philly. There's really no reason to say so... I mean many police stations have the word POLICE on it. Many have a 16th Police District. Many of them have the seal of their city. Many have mailboxes in front. Many officers where blue. Why did I think that this was Philadelphia in a BLINK type moment?

I have no idea. But I'm a genius is all I can really say. Don't believe me? Check out this? I may have driven by this intersection. I'm not sure why I would. I might have just when I have gotten lost heading over to University a couple of weeks ago. MAYBE. And just maybe, I'm a genius. Check out the Street View. Why would I ever be here?

Philadelphia 16th District



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