Clash Wednesday  -- Lily Allen Takes us Straight To Hell

Every Wednesday at will be Clash Wednesday. We will feature a clip or a song or perhaps even an entire Proof of Concept podcast about The Clash. Or maybe it will be completely something unrelated to The Clash, that I will somehow relate BACK to the Clash. Or like most other features on, fall by the wayside never to be heard from again for 2 years, when I say... "oh yeah remember I used to do the Sunday Night QB?" or "Monday Night Wars" is back!

For this week at least, today's Clash Wednesday moment will introduce you to a cover of The Clash's "Straight To Hell" from their "Combat Rock" album. Which was the only Clash album I owned for the longest time, and was purchases SOLEY for "Rock the Casbah." This song appears on the "War Child -- Heroes, Volume 1" CD. So download it. Lily Allen - War Child - Heroes, Vol. 1 - Straight to Hell Or you know you can still Buy the CD if you want. It's for charity.



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